HI, my name is Jorge


I was born in Africa, specifically in Congo. From a very early age, I remember the anxiety about the future and the constant need to reinvent myself at every moment, creating new life scenarios. 

With an adolescence compromised by the premature death of my father, I quickly moved on to a plan of “maturity” that was just as precocious and unsustainable. 

Thus, I evolved, in “right” steps, until the day when restlessness prevailed. For good! 

Jorge Nunes • Facilitador de Mindfulness • Infância
Jorge Nunes • Mindfulness •
My Story


After more than twenty years in the financial sector, many incursions into alternative paths that took me from the practice of more intensive sports to yoga and meditation, creating the pillars of what would reveal itself as the basis of a broader self-knowledge. One fine day I decided to stop making plans and slumped my shoulders in face of the reality that was before me at that moment, thus creating the space to understand and feel in which type of action could invest my energy instead of continuing to feed a vicious, stressful and depressive circle. 

And from that moment on, it was as if I had opened Pandora’s box: everything that brought me here (the whole path I can remember) was revealed and unveiled to give me the tools and the confidence to live more fully and freely at every moment. 

Just like “that”, twenty years of career in banking ceased, giving me the opportunity and the means to move forward to other life project(s). 



Meditation and Mindfulness helped me to (re)focus my attention on life in its most subtle expression: the present moment! Self-Compassion allowed me to do this work with serenity and care towards myself. 

This begins more than a decade ago, with many advances and setbacks, and is truly consolidated as of 2013, after accepting to be part of the Personal Development Association project, which was created by Christiane Águas and her “Learning to Be” method. It was here that I contacted with Meditation (in the Buddhist tradition), first in Portugal in a more formal context and then outside Portugal, in a more secular context and by the hand of Martin Aylward. He is one of todays most recognized and appreciated Dharma teachers, especially for the fine interconnection between the context of Buddhist tradition and the western world in which he offers its teachings, and which I follow with dedicated regularity since 2015. 

have done several in-person and online training courses in the context of Mindfulness in the Buddhist tradition, annual silent retreats (“Moulin de Chaves” Retreat Centre in France) and a Teacher Training in Mindful Self-Compassion by the UCSD – University of San Diego. 

Jorge Nunes • Facilitador de Mindfulness • Experiência


  • Certificates issued by the Moulin de Chaves Association, Retreat Center: 
  • Présence, Amour et Sagesse – 5 days of silent retreat with Martin Aylward 
  • Heart Work for Hard Times – 5 days of silent retreat with Colette Powers and Wiebke Pausch 
  • WorldWideInsight Online Course with Martine Batchelor: An Introduction to Mindfulness in Daily Life 
  • Depth and Breath – 2-week silent retreat with Martin Aylward (Moulin de Chaves) 
  • WorldWideInsight Online Course with Sephen Batchelor: The Four Great Tasks: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age. 


  • WorldWideInsight Online Course with Martin Aylward: I See You Mara. 


  • Certificate of Teacher in Training in Mindful Self Compassion, issued by UCSD San Diego, USA – Intensive training conducted in Boston between 20 and 26 October. 
  • Heartworks Online Course on Somatic Self-Compassion with Kristy Arbon (MSC Certified Teacher by the CMSC at the UCSD – San Diego. 


  • Working Retreatant – 2.5 weeks of retreat as a volunteer worker, with the guidance of Martin Aylward.