Whatever the context, we are always here and now!

Jorge Nunes

About me

From an early age, I recall having anxiety about the future and a constant need to reinvent myself every moment. At one point in my career, I decided to change my life radically and I decided to put an end in a twenty-year-old banking career.
In this process, Meditation and Mindfulness helped me to (re)focus my attention on life in its simplest expression: moment by moment! Self-compassion allowed me to do this journey with serenity and kindness to myself.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the present moment attention to lived experience.
It is based on contact, curiosity and care, and can be embedded and practiced in many ways.


Let's Talk

My purpose is to listen to you deeply and to give you insight on how you can live your day to day life more fully. This is my way of giving and receiving. I am available to receive your contact either by email or by phone. See you later!

“Above all, you helped me to realize how to be with myself, regardless of any specific situation. In the beginning, all I wanted from you was a set of practical exercises that would help me find a new direction in my career. Throughout our conversations, what stood up for me was the importance of facing each situation as an opportunity to become more aware of ourselves. It was useful not only to this specific situation but to any situation, actually.” ​

Pedro Silva

“What made me reach out for you was the fact that I related to certain values (…): impartiality, wisdom, experience, maturity, and the fact that I could trust you. Because my situation was delicate, I was hoping to find someone who would be impartial, whose input would be pro-active and positive, and that was precisely what happened. The fact that your recent course of life events had to do with a personal discovery was not a coincidence since I was confronted with the same need. For someone who is looking for an opinion (…), that is focused on re-interpretation, in self re-discovery, in reflection, in sharing experiences … I honestly think they should get in touch with you.”

Pedro Nunes