Mindfulness based training

My path through the Mindfulness universe began a few years ago. Now, I wish to share my lessons and learnings. 

I count with several formations in the Mindfulness/Meditation context (within the Buddhist tradition), annual silent retreats, among other practices and certificates. My intention is to facilitate the process of conscious awakening through an urban and daily context. 

I accompany groups in guided meditation and maintain a regular practice of active listening. I also follow people in life-changing processes and offer mini retreats anchored in the theme of life change, yoga, and mindfulness. 

You can follow here all the events I’ll be present in, and I will always be available to receive your contact and initiative. 

How do I do it?


"I offer individual active listening for people who want to start or develop their meditation practice and/or who feel the need to be supported in a particular moment of life changing challenges. This is only a complement of listening and support with no clinical purpose. .

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I intend to offer to people who feel the need to pause regularly in order to be able to make a better life assessment/or increase a meditation and mindfulness practice, the possibility to immerse themselves in a quiet and dedicated environment to develop practices, ask questions and be accompanied and supported in their personal questions/discoveries evidenced by a focused meditation practice. These retreats will be as silent as possible and subject to a theme.


I currently offer trainings and workshops in Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness. The training in Mindful Self-Compassion is an eight-week empirical program developed in the USA by Kristin Neff, Phd and Christopher Germer, Phd, both researchers with practice in the field of psychotherapy (C.Germer) and offering a set of tools to develop attentive and compassionate listening to ourselves.

Guided Practice

I also offer support in guided meditation and mindfulness practice. The intention is to give people the means to develop a caring attention to the experience moment by moment through formal and informal practices. With time and perseverance, this practice develops a curiosity inherent to the discoveries that are made along the way one pauses to just listen, acknowledge and allow the full spectrum of experience. This curiosity is the ground basis of Mindfulness.

Economy of generosity

Every moment of our existence is based on the generosity of everything and everyone around us and before us.

 – João Palma’s text (http://www.budadharma.org) 

I grew up with a particular apprehension about money and how to be remunerated, that did not always help me to see clearly the dependence that we socially create on this really important issue. 

Along my career I have always been supported by countless people whose generosity and awareness about the value of each service has enhanced the attention that I must devote to money and work remuneration. 

In the Buddhist tradition, generosity plays a central role. Having evolved with this concept in mind, I know that personal development, in its most diverse areas, plays an important role in the life of each and every one of us, thus having a value of its own that can vary according to the moments and the importance of each one of those moments. 

Thus, the aim is to give each person the opportunity to contribute consciously according to his or her availability, also considering the needs of all those involved in the process – he/she who offers an activity and he/she who participates in it. 

The fundamental thing is to contribute with your heart and in a balanced way. 

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How to start

Sit down for a minute! Close your eyes and be aware of sounds; of body sitting. Then, pay attention to your breath: the flow of air coming in and out of the body. Do this a few times. Gently open your eyes again… Carry on!

Let's talk

My purpose in everything I do is to listen to you and give you another insight into how you can live your day to day life. This is my way of giving and receiving. I am available to receive your contact either by email or by phone. See you later!

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